The Need

The needs for the foundations work will be never ending. This is by no means a comprehensive sample of the needs, but we found these people on a recent visit to the CBD of Lae in December 2014. The needs are comprehensive and we know we cannot change the world. But what we can do will help these people to gain their SHANGRI-LA.

Please meet Joe Banga from Chimbu.

Joe was blinded when a boy, as the result of a tribal fight. Each day he comes to the central business district of Lae and begs for money. He does not beg for himself, but for his two daughters who he wants to give a proper education.

His tenacity in doing this is amazing, and he makes about $5 - $8 each 9 hour day. It is not enough to meet his needs or to educate his daughters properly, but he does not give up in his quest to give his daughters the best life he can.

We may be able to assist to ensure Joe's daughters get a proper education.

Please help by making a donation to assist people like Joe.

Please meet Suwam WINTAI from Chimbu.

Suwam has lost both his legs from Tuberculosis and he sells single cigarettes to eke out a living. We found him sleeping in this location accompanied by his daughter who sometimes sits with him and helps him to make his meagre living.

Prosthetic legs would be enormously beneficial to him. This is not an option in PNG.

We are planning a strong prosthetic campaign for PNG.

Your donation will help us to help people like Suwam.

Please meet the man whose name we do not know.

He is a deaf mute, and has some brain damage. Each day he sits in the sun under his umbrella begging for alms.

We were unable to ascertain his name or what caused his condition. He was there on his own and the local people told us he is always there begging to feed himself.

Providing supervisory support for this gentleman would be a priority for the foundation.

Your donation will go a long way towards providing assistance to people like this gentleman.

Please meet Oaj MARZEN from Kainantu.

As a baby Oaj advised that he contracted Tuberculosis while in a remote village and no medical help was available. As a result this effected his legs and back.

It may well be that he was suffering from polio. He comes to the CBD of Lae every day and sells small items to assist with his living expenses.

Assistance with providing items he could sell would benefit Oaj enormously.

Please help by making a donation to the foundation to assist people like Oaj.

Please meet Mr. Phillip BUKA from Tari.

Phillip lost his right leg as the result of a car accident. In a first world country his leg would probably have been saved, but in PNG the medical facilities did not exist to reconstruct his broken bones, and this necessitated his leg being amputated.

He can no longer work and is supported by his local family and friends.

Phillip could work in a supervised workshop, but none exist in PNG. We may be able to initiate employment for many people like Phillip.

Your donation will help us to provide assistance to people like Phillip.