About Project Shangri-la

The aims of Project Shangri-la are to assist those in most need to achieve their personal Shangri-la. Among our primary aims is medical assistance to those in need. This may be by setting up a Casualty Clearing Station in a village, or bringing those requiring urgent surgery to Australia where volunteer surgeons and nurses will complete the surgery. Alternately volunteer medico's will travel to PNG to carry out urgently required operations.

We also plan to provide a mobile medical facillity that can visit remote villages to give much needed medical treatment to those in need.

Several humanitarian organisations within PNG have indicated a desire to assist when circumstances permit.

Proving remote villages with material and or logistic support will be a priority of the foundation.

We welcome your assistance in making a donation to help us achieve our stated aims.

The Foundation

We have established our fund raising arm within Australia.

It was our intention to administer the entire foundation infrastructure from within Australia.

Consequently we have registered the business name in Australia: Project Shangri-la, and obtained an ABN (Australian Business Number) for same.

This company is moving to be recognised as a charitable foundation.

The Foundation has a flexible constitution to allow us to react quickly and positively when we become aware of needs that from time to time come to notice.