Project Shangri-la

Project Shangri-la is a humanitarian foundation established to provide much needed support for the people of the South West Pacific Region through numerous projects.

Thank you for vising our web site. We trust that you will be able to assist us in achieving our aims by making a donation.

The genesis of Project Shangri-la came into being when the two Australian directors of AU Pacific Ltd.(PNG) saw the difficulties and deprivation villager's suffered in Papua New Guinea, and in particular in more remote villages, where almost no schooling or medical facilities exist.

The situation in some areas could only be described as dire, and both directors individually came to the conclusion that they would initiate a humanitarian foundation to assist where they could. Several meetings both in Australia and Papua New Guinea were held with supporters and interested groups and as a result Project Shangri-la came into being.

We are immensely proud of the foundation and with the work we intend to do providing humanitarian aid where it is most needed. Although our initial projects will be in Papua New Guinea, as we progress it is our intention to move into other areas in the South West Pacific region that encapsulates many nations where life is difficult for the local people.

Although many of the directors, supporters and volunteers have a strong Christian ethos, we are a non-denominational foundation that accepts support from a myriad of companies, religions, and personal donors to aid us in achieving our aims to help those most in need.

Our Aim

Project Shangri-la has one simple aim. To bring those in need to THEIR SHANGRI-LA. By numerous methods of humanitarian assistance, we will strive to bring a better life to the people we aim to assist in achieving their own personal SHANGRI-LA.

Our Ethos

Ethics, honesty and openness are a hall mark of this foundation. The Board desires to display to our supporters that our ethics are beyond question in achieving our aims by every legal means possible.